ActBlue is a nonprofit tech organization that builds digital fundraising tools for Democratic candidates and committees, progressive organizations, and other nonprofits. These groups use ActBlue’s fundraising platform to create online contribution forms, securely process donations, and track their contributions from grassroots supporters.


With ActBlue, you can easily accept grassroots donations. Campaign Deputy helps you stay organized and compliant by tracking those donations and generating contribution reports.




Our ActBlue integration is available to all paid Campaign Deputy accounts.

ActBlue Pricing

ActBlue Accounts:

ActBlue charges a flat rate of 3.95% on each donation you receive to cover the processing cost.


Stripe Merchant Accounts:

Each contribution will be assessed a total fee of 3.7% + $0.23 (inclusive of all fees assessed by Stripe and ActBlue), which is deducted from the gross donation amount before it is paid out.



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How our ActBlue Integration Works

  1. A candidate or organization creates a contribution form on ActBlue.
  2. That candidate or organization asks supporters to make a contribution on the form (through a fundraising email, an ask on their website, at an in-person event, etc).
  3. The supporter makes a contribution on the form.
  4. ActBlue processes the contribution and sends a notification to Campaign Deputy of the new contribution. The contribution will then be in your account.
  5. Campaign Deputy can generate compliance reports to send to the relevant reporting body (like the FEC, or your secretary of state).
Linking your ActBlue to Campaign Deputy

Connecting your Campaign Deputy and ActBlue accounts is easy! Simply request a webhook from ActBlue by filling out a brief form, enter the provided webhook information into Campaign Deputy, and donations will seamlessly populate on your Campaign Deputy dashboard.

Advanced Donor Tracking has Arrived

Campaign Deputy doesn’t just import your ActBlue contributions; it transforms them into actionable insights that fuel engagement. See your donors not just as numbers, but as individuals with unique giving histories. Leverage Campaign Deputy’s powerful tools to:

With Campaign Deputy, your ActBlue data becomes a strategic asset, empowering you to cultivate lasting relationships with your donor base and propel your fundraising efforts.

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