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Features of Campaign Deputy

Including two-day sync with The Action Network


Action Network Integration

Use us for Call Time, Pledge Tracking and accounting while your data is kept up to date in Action Network.


ActBlue Integration

Automatically importing your ActBlue contributions seconds after they are posted.


Call Time Manager

Pledges, Notes, Ask to Give, and Ask to Raise in one screen. Always up to date and designed for both laptop and mobile phone usage.


Email Marketing

Built in email editor supporting both desktop and mobile phone layouts.


Pledge Tracking

Track your pledges and send out email reminders using any of your campaign's email addresses.


Custom Reports

Quit spending hours doing VLOOKUPS in Excel, contact our support staff to build out a custom report for your campaign.

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Benefits of buying this product

  • Friendly Support

    We don't charge for phone support, and our average call time is less than 5 minutes, not hours like our competitors.

  • Quick

    When we say "Quick Search", we mean quick!

  • Hosted Web and Email

    All of our plans include complimentary Web and Email Hosting, no need to find other vendors to get your campaign started.

  • No Contact Limits

    We don't charge you for additional contacts, no more artificial ceiling on your fundraising.

  • Online Contributions

    Need Online Contributions? We have competitive rates at 3.2%+0.50 per transaction.

  • Unlimited Searching

    Search across our data and your Action Network data in one place!

ReportsCall Time

Track call time and results. Follow up using the Call Back Date so you never miss an opportunity for fundraising.


Keep track of who pledged to give and follow up with individual donors.

Nonprofit Plans & Pricing

30 day money back guarantee.


  • 5 users
  • 20,000 Emails per/m
  • 1 Hosted Website
  • 1 Hosted Email Accounts
  • Phone/Text Support

Medium Teams

  • 10 users
  • 40,000 Emails per/m
  • 1 Hosted Website
  • 2 Hosted Email Accounts
  • Phone/Text Support


Contact Us
  • 20+ users
  • Custom Emails per/m
  • Custom Hosted Website(s)
  • Custom Hosted Email Accounts
  • Phone/Text Support


Common questions and answers

  • Who do you sell to?

    We ony sell to Democratic Campaigns and Nonprofit organizations.

  • Why haven't I heard of you before?

    We focused on a local campaign to the Louisville and surrounding areas for 2017. With our successes in helping those campaign's fundraise, we have started to work with nonprofit organizations.

  • What do you charge extra for?

    We only charge extra for additional emails or user accounts past the account limits. We built Campaign Deputy to handle the needs of new digital campaigns.

  • Do you integrate with other systems?

    Sure! We already integrate with ActBlue, SendGrid and MailChimp. If you have another system you want us to integrate with us, let our support team know and we can look into it. In most cases if we do a custom integration, we don't charge extra for the integration.


Ask our Support team

  • 14+Organizations

  • 2m+Raised

  • 500k+Online Contributions

  • 6States

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