Raise more, Spend Less

Our campaigns raise up to 8x more using Camapign Deputy than traditional tools. No extra fees for contacts, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Features of Campaign Deputy

No contact storage fees, with a fast access to all your account details. Stop spending time waiting for screens to load and try Campaign Deputy.


Call Time Manager

Pledges, Notes, Ask to Give, and Ask to Raise in one screen. Always up to date and designed for both laptop and mobile phone usage.


Email Marketing

Built in email editor supporting both desktop and mobile phone layouts.


Pledge Tracking

Track your pledges and send out email reminders using any of your campaign's email addresses.


Compliance Reports

Your Campaign Treasurer will love us, most compliance reports take less than 20 seconds to generate.


ActBlue Integration

Automatically importing your ActBlue contributions seconds after they are posted.


Custom Reports

Quit spending hours doing VLOOKUPS in Excel, contact our support staff to build out a custom report for your campaign.


Get quick insight into your campaign at one glance. See where your recent donors are located with a map view. Track your month to month contribution total and any open pledges.

ReportsCall Time

Track candidates call time and results. Follow up using the Call Back Date so you never miss an opportunity.

  • 10+Campaigns

  • 3.5m+Raised

  • 800k+Online Contributions

  • 6States