2017 Year End Review


Since our launch in July, we have had an amazing year. We continue to expand in both size and feature set for CampaignDeputy.

Over 30 new features added.

We continue to build out features that campaigns are asking for to help make their campaign successful. Some large features added in 2017 was printed call sheets, person import, call time pledge emails, web site tracking, email and click tracking.

Three electronic filing systems completed.

We built CampaignDeputy to handle the various needs of each states electronic filing system. In 2017 we built out electronic filing for Arkansas, Kentucky and the FEC. For 2018 we look forward to continuing to add and will be expanding to Florida, Alabama and Ohio.

Over 700,000 Emails Sent

We sent 778,677 emails through our platform with three dedicated IPs. Email open rates ranged from 10% to 35%. We continue to monitor sending reputation to make sure each campaign maintains a high open and delivery rate.

Over $250,000 processed

Through our online contribution forms, we processed over $250,000. we continue to learn the best way to host contribution forms, and learned useful user behavior we can apply to 2018 now.

In four datacenters

As we continue to expand, we have turned on additional datacenters with multiple providers. When we first launched we started with just one. With the importance of having our contribution forms available 24×7 we increased the number of servers and spread them throughout the East and Mid-west for more reliance.

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