April 2020 Updates


Campaigning in 2020 is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Campaigns have been adapting and so havewe.. We have seen a shift in donations, more to come later on that, and an increased use of our P2P Texting to reach voters.

Whats New

With teams meeting virtually, you can now track outbound emails in one of two ways. First, you can add an Activity to a profile to track of communications that aren’t a call. At the moment, we have only turned on Email tracking. We are looking to merge call time into our Activity Tracking soon.

New Add Activity option available

The second way, is a BCC Email. With each email you send, you can include your account’s specific email address in the BCC field and we will tag it to their profile. Saving you the extra step. The BCC email for your campaign will be your campaign’s full name followed by@campaigndeputymail.com. For example, your BCC email for “Alex for Senate” would be alexforsenate@campaigndeputymail.com. Check our our help documentation on how to automatically include this email as a BCC in G-suite, or Outlook.

Example of an incoming BCC email for a campaign

Mobile Texting

When we first launched our P2P texting, most volunteers were in the campaign office working side-by-side the Field Team for GOTV texts. Things quickly changed, so we changed our texting to have a mobile-friendly view.

Mobile view of texting.

New Domain Name

When we first launched, most websites ended with .com, .net, .org, or .io. Recent industry changes have allowed multiple new top level domains (TLDs) including .app. We wanted to let our security-minded users know that we also own campaigndeputy.app. It has the distinct advantage in that Chrome, Firefox, and Safari require all connections to be encrypted by default. Most connections only require it after the first connection. If you happen to block 3rd party domains as a privacy measure, please add an exemption for campaigndeputy.app in your browser plugin.

Other Updates

  • Fixed a padding issue on mobile devices for certain pages to make viewing easier.
  • Fixed an issue when editing debt payments that are linked to a disbursement.
  • Per new policies from the FEC, we moved a few compliance notes out of the memo field to the purpose field.
  • Fixed an issue with calculating Average Call Time on the call time report.
  • Thank You Note reports export dates to an easier date format.
  • Email images can be added while editing an email and can be dragged and dropped in the Editor.

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