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Why Registering Your 10DLC Matters

Est. reading time: 10 min. Quickly engage donors directly with 10DLC, placing your outreach strategy right in their pockets. Start your journey towards reliable, impactful, and trustworthy text-based fundraising by registering for 10DLC today. Take your fundraising efforts to new heights with 10DLC.

Recap: Netroots Nation 2023

Est. reading time: 8 min. The C.D. Team shares some thoughts from their experience at the Netroots Nation 2023 Conference in Chicago. Check out some featured tools that can help boost your campaign - selected by the experts at Higher Ground Labs.

On the road to broadcast texting

While working with our campaigns, we wanted to provide something more than just sending out texts. We wanted to provide a way to automate or

April 2020 Updates

Campaigning in 2020 is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Campaigns have been adapting and so havewe.. We have seen a shift in donations, more to

Social Media Links

How do images and text show up when you add a link to your Facebook post or Twitter? Each one is different, Facebook has “Open

Apple Email Security Updates

Email is constantly changing, and Apple recently made updates to their email service for emails hosted at the, and email addresses. Email