Fundraising CRM Uses


A Fundraising CRM helps to keep your data organized so that you don’t lose leads, or pledges, while trying to raise the most for your cause.


Pledges are the “sales leads” of fundraising with two types, pledge to give, and pledge to raise. Both are critical to fundraising and with our built in pledge tracking, you can keep track of these pledges for both types. Using the build in pledge tracking, you can keep track of the due date, the liklehood of of the pledge, and send email reminders to the person who pledges to your organization. This is a great feature for both political campaigns and non-profits.

Call Time

Everyone gets the same email “Please give X to my Y to help my cause”. Our email inboxes are flooded with these requests. To stand out, call time is the difference. Using our call time manager, there is no more shuffling stacks of paper, you have all the information you need to make a call, connect, take notes, and add pledges all from the same screen. We have some users who spend 4+ hours on just this one page in Campaign Deputy!

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