Fundraising CRM

Donor data and compliance within Campaign Deputy without contact storage fees. Monitor your contributions for any compliance issues with FEC and State level compliance reports.

Donor Management Features

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A new affordable fundraising platform

No contact storage fees lets your democratic campaign focus on fundraising, not your software limit. Non-profit organizations are welcome to our system using the same tool that helps campaigns raise millions.

Call Time Manager

Build call sheets and load them in the software. View recent contact history, and view demographic data for each potential donor. Perfect for a candidate, or a call-a-thon for a donor drive. Pull up Call Time Manager on your mobile phone and dial numbers with a click.

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Statistics at a Glance

Quickly glance at your fundraising statistics right from the dashboard. Look at the most recent contributions, and where those contributions are across the country.

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Branded Contribution Forms

Host your contribution forms on your domain name. Set custom amounts and attribute each contribution to an event or attribution code automatically.

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Call Time

Perfect for a political campaign or a nonprofit running a phone bank.

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Text Messaging

Message your contacts directly with text messaging.

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Track donors, tag contributions with an attribution code, or event.

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Integrations are systems that we communicate with through an API. In no way should the above be considered a formal partnership.


Live training for your team

Campaign Deputy's software helps political campaigns and nonprofits, fundraise, communicate and stay compliant. Our staff will schedule a training session with your team and follow up to help promote best practices inside the platform.

Call Time Manager

Keep track of your calls in the system. Create call list, track call backs, and automatically send a thank you note at the end of each call.


Need to send an email to 500 people or 40,000+ we have you covered. Our email experts are available to answer your questions.


Track pledges and due dates to stay up-to-date with your fundraising. Automatically assign staff for follow-ups with the click of a button.

Compliance Report

Quickly check your contributions, disbursements for any missing information. Then generate the disclosure report with ease.

ActBlue Integration

ActBlue donations appear in the system within minutes without having to upload a file.

Custom Reports

Thought of the perfect report, and need some help to generate it? Ask our support and we will work with you on your report.

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