Text. Raise. Win! Two-Way Broadcast Texting

Forget chasing lost emails. Send quick, impactful updates and inspire action with two-way broadcast texting. Keep your campaign top-of-mind without the extra fuss. It’s fundraising made easy, one text at a time.

*only applies to existing paid Campaign Deputy accounts.

Campaign Deputy Texting

Make fundraising personal. Original, cross-channel outreach  that engages audiences faster.

2-Way SMS

2-way SMS lets you personalize your message to each donor. Share their stories, answer their concerns, and show them the impact they're making. It's not just fundraising, it's building relationships that last.

MMS, GIFs, & Emojis

Send personalized updates with images and videos. ️Celebrate milestones with emojis and GIFs. Boost engagement with eye-catching visuals.

Links to Subscribe

Collect new SMS sign-ups with one click email CTAs, social media links, and scannable QR codes. Never miss a donation or update again.


Set and forget targeted texts to remind, update, and inspire donors.


Build custom prompts and fill-in-the-blanks to spark creativity while ensuring key points are covered.


Build text surveys that help you connect with donors on a personal level, understand their needs, and tailor appeals for maximum impact.

Unified Fundraising Platform

Say goodbye to scattered tools! Unify your fundraising with SMS, email, call time, and built-in compliance. Maximize every dollar and reach supporters on their terms. Witness the power of focused giving.

Brand it Your Way

Tri-Channel Outreach - Call Time, SMS, and Email

FEC and State-level Compliance Built-In

Crystal-Clear Deliverability Insights

Engage your most valuable supporters with SMS

Create targeted campaigns or segment flows by qualifiers. Build SMS campaigns that connect with your most passionate audiences or reignite past connections.   

  1. Donation drives: Launch time-sensitive fundraising campaigns with urgent calls to action. Include links to donate directly within the text message.
  2. Mobile fundraising: 10DLC numbers can be used to create mobile fundraising campaigns. Donors can donate using their smartphones by clicking on a link to your ActBlue page or host one with Campaign Deputy. 
  3. Recurring donations: Set up automated monthly or annual donation reminders through text messages.
  1. Event promotion: Send reminders and updates about upcoming events, encouraging RSVPs and attendance.
  2. News and updates: Keep supporters informed about your organization’s work, success stories, and upcoming initiatives.
  3. Advocacy campaigns: Mobilize supporters to act on important issues by providing easy ways to contact representatives or sign petitions.
  1. Promote upcoming events: Share details about fundraising galas, volunteer opportunities, and awareness campaigns.
  2. Send reminders: Encourage RSVPs, remind attendees of event details, and thank volunteers for their participation.
  3. Coordinate volunteers: Send mass texts to volunteers with instructions, updates, and last-minute changes.
  4. Volunteer recruitment and management: Share volunteer opportunities, send scheduling updates, and express appreciation for their contributions.
  1. Alerts and updates: Quickly disseminate crucial information during emergencies, natural disasters, or times of crisis.
  2. Volunteer coordination: Organize and mobilize volunteers for relief efforts in real-time.

10DLC Makes Opt-In Easy

Skip the SMS regulation headaches! We’re your allies in text fundraising, making sure your messages get through and resonate with supporters who want to listen.

Improved Messaging Efficiency

SMS Quiet Hours

Pre-built Disclosure Language