Call Time Manager

An electronic call book that is never out of date.

Call Time Manager

Automate call time. Our Call Time Manager provides up-to-date notes, tracking and allows you to assign further actions to your staff. Send a pledge email automatically when you complete a call. And never worry about losing track of a call back again. With our mobile application, your phone is connected to Campaign Deputy to receive the next donor's number and allow you to dial them with no mistakes. Campaign Deputy will pull up the notes and details of the donor while your phone is dialing. No more paper, and faster turnarounds.
For those who still prefer paper call sheets, the system can generate call sheets by list or by individual. Most data fits on one page, with critical information in a larger font.

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Call Time Report

Metrics for you your fundraising calls built into our software. Look at the number of calls, average duration and total pledges. Look up any call backs you have for the upcoming week, and export the report to excel with just a click.

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