Kentucky Campaign Finance

Support for KREF financial disclosure for political campaigns, PACs and organizations.

Easy One-Click Reporting

Campaign Deputy has helped Kentucky Political Campaigns generate the required reports for their KREF disclosure requirements since 2017. Our Quick Compliance report is also built around the itemization limits of Kentucky. After logging into Campaign Deputy, you report section has the previous and upcoming KREF reports for your campaign. Click Generate, and both the electronic* KREF files and paper version are generated in less than a minute! Each report is also kept, as a backup, on the Campaign Deputy servers.

Itemization limits with contact deduplication


Track loan balance and disbursements

Easier to use refunds with KREF negative contribution rule

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* We are working with KREF to have our electronic files on the approved vendor list. During this time we can help campaigns generate approved electronic files with a third-party integration, contact us for more details.