A few words about our security practices

At Campaign Deputy we provide a level of security to your data that meets and exceeds common industry practices. We have created an environment with multiple layers of security from your browser to our servers. Data stays encrypted and protected through the use of our HTTPS connections, multiple firewalls, data encryption, IP whitelists and Layer 7 inspections.

Security Layers

Web Application Firewall

Our Web Application Firewall protects our application from malicious individuals and meets industry leading PCI compliance regulations


We vet each one of our vendors for security and reliability. We have multiple DNS providers and data centers we host our application from.

Data Protection

Each one of our servers uses an encrypted hard drive. Encrypted backups are stored securely offsite to further protect your data.

Security Patches

Not only can we deploy changes quickly, we can use that same agility to deploy software patches within 24 hours of notice.