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We have made several updates to our email editor based on feedback from our community. About 9 months ago we wanted to move to a more advanced template option beyond a find and replace that was used when it was first launched. One of the major drivers for the change was our Call Time Manager. The first email editor lacked the sophistication that we wanted for all types of donor communication. .We settled on an open source tool that allows us to customize a template, add new features to it over time and is fast so we can send out emails to those large groups. We also wanted to keep the look and feel of the industry standard Liquid templates that seem to be everywhere.

Autocomplete for Liquid Fields

Type { and the list of available fields show with type ahead

We have added location information and donor history to the email merge fields. This allows for some great ideas for customizing your emails.
{{if city='Louisville'}} RSVP to our event {{else}} RSVP to our Zoom event {{end}}
{{if lifetime_contributions>10000}} thank you for being huge supporter over the years{{else}} we appreciate every donation {{end}}
{{if zip}} be one of the {{math.random 10 25}} supporters in {{zip}} {{else}} we need 76 supporters by midnight {{end}}

Restricted Domains

We have a range of clients, from school board to Governor, PACs, non-profits and even one law firm. Historically, you could ask our support team to put in a block for a specific domain name based on your needs. (Looking at you .us school systems). Now those options are available for you in Account Settings. It’s also tiered in that you can block all .gov and .us or you can say .gov and to be exact for those local agencies that don’t use a .gov domain.

Upcoming Features

We still have more features in the works for our email system. We have a few people Beta testing our AB Testing, new segment filters and a GIF countdown timer. The GIF countdown timer is the biggest upcoming feature as generating 10,000 GIFs on open was a fun challenge for our team. We will be deploying that in both a West Coast and East Coast datacenters once we do a week long verification.

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