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In Early June we launched Event RSVP tracking to a group of beta testers and it was a huge success! A campaign, or organization, can have multiple types of events and our users have been asking how to track RSVPs as part of their fundraising process. These events typically mailed out or emailed out to a group of guests a host knows. Our Forms worked for a time, while this Event RSVP integrates more with our Event system and compliance aspects of fundraising. Some states require total raised to be recorded per an event. With our ActBlue integration with custom refCodes and our own donation platform, this is even easier to track. Also exciting as it’s the launch of our first Campaign Deputy designed template.

Each Event has an option to make the Event public. This allows the RSVP feature to set a Unique URL and edit the default template for the form. The form supports custom fields as well as some additional fields specific to Events, Additional Guest and the Unable to Attend option. Once a person signs up for an Event, you will see them in the Guest List tab and Response tab. The Response tab has the full details, including custom fields, of their response. You also have full control over the output of the Event page and the Thank You Page. Redirects are also an option with URL Parameters that will get passed to your redirect URL for those who use Source Reporting.

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