Fundraising CRM

Track your contributions for your political campaign or nonprofit fundraising needs.

More Features

Campaign Deputy is built around an advanced Fundraising CRM to provide critical details needed for fundraising. Keeping track of key demographic details, including Name, Spouse, multiple addresses, phone numbers, and email. No more shuffling spreadsheets around to keep this data up to date, you can store your CRM data in one, highly accessible web application, available on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Save notes, phone numbers, and other demographic data to stay in touch with your contacts.

Call Time Manager to build call sheets for your fundraisers.

Online contribution forms to easily collect contributions.
Coming Soon
In-Person CC Terminals

Easily send emails to your contacts with our drag and drop builder.

No contact storage fees. Built in de-duplication to keep your database clean.

Friendly support to help answer your questions quickly.