Keeping track of your tasks

Keeping track of your tasks


We’ve all tried different ways to track tasks: reminders on our phones, calendar reminders, To-Do lists and sticky notes. We did a quick proof-of-concept for task tracking inside Campaign Deputy and we couldn’t stop. We are releasing our task tracking now. In future releases, you will be able to track task completion across your team and visualize what’s outstanding and what has been completed.

Add a Task

Our new Add Task pop-up will let you create a task, assign a due date, link it to a person’s record and assign it to members of your team. Upon assignment they will be notified about the new task. An email reminder will go out the morning of the date you specify. Users will also receive a daily digest email about all of their active tasks.

On your dashboard, you can see your active tasks along with a dedicated Task area for Active, Upcoming, Due Today and Completed tasks.

We have much more planned for tasks in the future. We already are working on linking Task with Pledges and Call Backs with our Call Time Manager. Stay tuned for March where we are announcing more updates.

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