New Updates – August


We have been busy listening to all your feedback going into the upcoming November election. From updates to our Universe Search, to more integrations, and more integrations to go!

Action Network Integration

We had one of our new campaigns ask if we could build an integration with Action Network. They have a well defined API for us to work with and their Directory of Technology has been great to work with to help answer our questions. We can now sync your contacts from Action Network into Campaign Deputy. This includes Tags, if they are a part of an Action Network list. We also pull over events, so for those states that require disclosures of Events we have you covered.

Campaign Page

As part of the Action Network integration, we didn’t have a place for you to update your API Key(s), so we built a new Account Settings page to show you all the candidate information associated with your account. If you click on your name in the upper-right portion of the screen, you can access this new page and see which account you are logged into for our multi-account users. This page will also be the home for our future Zapier integration and more to come!

Universe Search

We have added more fields to our Universe Search. Action Network tags, Zip Code, Linked Attribution searching, Contribution Date. As part of our maintenance, we will be able to add details about emails actions as well.

Attribution Codes

As more campaigns import their previous data, we get a lot of attribution codes on one account. We are adding Cycle and an Archive flag to better handle these. The Universe Search is using our new Attribution Auto Suggest, we will be moving more of the system to use the Auto Suggest instead of drop downs.

Stripe Charges

If you have a contribution page with us, you will have access to a “Merchant Charges” report. We will show the most recent charges, but you can export any date range you would like. If you select a large date range please be patient, Stripe only allows us to pull 100 records at a time. We see most exports taking less than a minute.

Other Bug Fixes

  • You can now use a decimal place when doing a contribution search in the Universe Search.
  • Anonymous contributions are now showing on the contribution report.
  • Added Thank You Note Sent to contributions.

Upcoming Maintenance

We bought a new server months ago and now we just have to move our database to this new server.

Campaign Deputy will be down for maintenance from 9PM EST-11PM EST on Sunday, August 26th. Contributions, and Forms will not be affected. Contribution alerts will be delayed during this time.







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