Updates Released 2019.05

Updates Released 2019.05


It is Derby Week here in Louisville, quick update on some of our features releasing for the first part of May. We are already excited for the 2020 election cycle for political campaigns.

Quick Tip

You can add your own message to our Hosted Contribution Forms. After creating the form, go to the edit screen and click “Design Editor”. The contribution form is already a two column layout, and be careful adding too much as on mobile the message will show before the contribution form.

Hosted Contact Forms

We released our new Form Builder, the first question we had was “Can you host this for us?”. Sure! We built out our hosting to match our Branded Contribution Forms. You pick the color, logo, if you need a disclaimer or a “Paid for by” box, or without a border, even the size of the font. You can set a common style for all your hosted forms, then update your forms with their own colors if needed.

We do not have bumper stickers, if you want one, let us know.

Private Lists

You can now create, “tag”, people into a Private List. Great for your Call Time Manager who is building a daily list that no one else needs to see.

Did you know our ? icons give you quick tips for individual fields throughout Campaign Deputy?

General Fixes

  • Added a new Do Not Send status of “Unknown Opt-In Status”. This helps campaigns that are not sure of their current email list quality to prevent accidentally sending to a large number of bounced emails.
  • Updated the formatting of Phone Numbers to be more consistent.
  • Hosting for our Hosted Contribution Forms changed for technical reasons.
  • Disbursement Itemization is now available for FEC reporting purposes.We are updating to use more of the FEC’s web services now that those are available.

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