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Event RSVP Tracking

In Early June we launched Event RSVP tracking to a group of beta testers and it was a huge success! A campaign, or organization, can

Facebook iOS 14 changes with ActBlue

With the recent privacy changes with iOS 14 and Facebook we have a solution to track your conversion events with Facebook using our Forms. Now

Email Editor Updates

We have made several updates to our email editor based on feedback from our community. About 9 months ago we wanted to move to a

Keeping track of your tasks

We’ve all tried different ways to track tasks: reminders on our phones, calendar reminders, To-Do lists and sticky notes. We did a quick proof-of-concept for

Track your Link Clicks

As the campaign trail moves towards November 3rd, digital teams are ramping up their analytics. One request we had was How do you track when

On the road to broadcast texting

While working with our campaigns, we wanted to provide something more than just sending out texts. We wanted to provide a way to automate or

April 2020 Updates

Campaigning in 2020 is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Campaigns have been adapting and so havewe.. We have seen a shift in donations, more to

Social Media Links

How do images and text show up when you add a link to your Facebook post or Twitter? Each one is different, Facebook has “Open

Tech Talk: Performance

Most of our posts have been about fundraising, this will be about how we built Campaign Deputy to be quick to use for campaigns throughout

Email Marketing for Campaigns

Political Campaigns ask us “How can we get an open rate higher than 40%?” Segmenting your list, sending to the right audience and sending engaging

Updates Released 2019.05

It is Derby Week here in Louisville, quick update on some of our features releasing for the first part of May. We are already excited